T.G. Commercial  Real Estate 


T.G. Commercial  Real Estate

Marketing Company


Where we do real estate marketing for all the developing companies and all customers, as we provide all the different spaces and all the different types of deliveries (finishing \ text finishing \ red bricks \ lux \ super lux \ empty land etc.......).

We also work to provide the best prices and strive to get the best offers and prices that suit all customers

We are also working on all projects in the capital, October, the assembly, and all regions

We also always strive to develop and change in order to help customers in an appropriate manner, by studying the market adequately and also following up on the economic stage that the real estate market is going through.

We are also working on directing clients who wish to invest to the face that helps them achieve their goal.

Also, we are not limited to one category, but rather buyers / sellers / investors


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