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International Schools In Egypt

Schools in Cairo and Vicinity:
There are three types of schools available in Egypt. Public Schools, Egyptian for profit schools and International non-profit schools.

The International schools are non-profit and offer cirriculum's and degree programs in keeping with the country they are associatied with. They cater to expatriate children (whose companies and embassies pay for tuition) moving from one country to another who need to keep to the system they are coming from. Entrance is based on exam results and availability. Do not expect automatic entry because you are coming from the schools country of cirriculum.

The International Schools offer qualified, degree teachers who are usually native to the schools country. Excellent facilites and extra cirrilcular programs and activities.

Several International Schools are available in Cairo; a selection follows:

Non-Profit Schools with International Programs:
Cairo American College (CAC)
1, Degla Square, Maadi

Tel. 519-6665

Age from 3 to 18. Facilities such as swimming pool, track, tennis court, computer labs, gymnasium, library are found in the school.

Maadi British International School (MBIS)
9, Road 278, Maadi

Tel. 520-0704, 5164144, 5163967, 5200704

Age from 2 to 11. Nursery and Primary School. Facilities include 14 classrooms, an ICT suite, a new multipurpose theatre, an art studio, a spacious playground, an ever-growing library, a Food Technology room and a nurse's day room.

The British International School
5 El Yemeni Street, Zamalek

Tel. 736-5959, 735-6674, 738-0760, 736-8095

The New Cairo British International School
New Cairo (close to Katameya)

Tel. 7582881 , 7581817 , 7583071

Age from 3 to 18. Facilities include a heated swimming pool, sports field and all-weather sports courts, multi-purpose auditorium, science laboratories, art and photography rooms, music suites, four information technology suites, library.

Lycee Francais Du Caire / Maadi
7 Road 12, Maadi

Tel. 358-2320, 358-3674

Ages 5/6 -18/19 Petite Section until CM2; Sizieme until Premiere; Baccalaureat

Lycee Francais Du Caire / Zamalek
8 Ibn Zinky
11211 Zamalek, Le Caire

Ages 5/6 - 10/11 Petite section until CM2
Children move to the Maadi campus when they reach grade Sizieme.

International Shool of Chouiefat

KG1 - 12th grade. Part of the worldwide SABIS system, which stresses frequent testing to detect gaps in students' learning. It is accredited by NCA and has both IB and AP curriculum. It's facilites include several tennis courts, two swimming pools, a large cafeteria and an auditorium. Current enrollment is 1200 students

For Profit Schools with International Cirriculums:

American International School (AIS)
27 KM Cairo Ismalia Desert Rd., Orabi Zone
P.O. Box 8090 Masaken, Nasr City 11371

Nursery to 12th grade (ages 3-18)

Canadian International School of Egypt
New Greater Cairo, Katameya
758-7111 / 758-7222 / 757-0500

Lycee International Balzac
Katamaya 5 eme arrondissement . Le Caire
Tel: 010 172 3006, 010 172 3007

Aegyptisch-Deutsche Akademie
5 Rd. 301, New Maadi
e-mail: wak.cai@gega.net

Schools will often require some documentation to support an application for a place. The documents that may be needed are as follows:

Copy of the student's passport

2 photos with the school application

The school reports / evaluation of the student's previous two academic years

Testing is required and acceptance based on results.

An interview with the student and the parents will be required and of course priority of place is given to the school's nationality (American, French, British or German).

Nursery Schools

Many of the international schools above have excellent pre-school programs. In addition Cairo has an abundance of nursery schools to choose from.


Der Deutsche Kindergarten
85 Road 104, Maadi

Deutsche Schule Der Borromaerinnen/ Kindergarten
6 Road 12, Maadi

International Montessori Center Pre-School
18 Road 210, Digla

Kids Unlimited Preschool
10 Road 72, off 9B

e-mail: bus5met7@yahoo.com

Maadi British International Nursery School
10 Road 77, Maadi
516-4144 / 516-4239

e-mail: mbis@mbisegypt.com

Pre-school Years
12 Road 232, Digla Maadi
521-2457 / 521-2458

e-mail: preschoolyears@hotmail.com

Sesame Street Nursery
31 Road 250, Digla

Small World
11 Road 207, Digla, Maadi
519-6437 / 270-3616

E:mail: mummies4u@hotmail.com

Stepping Stones Nursery School
5 Road 220, Digla, Maadi

The Irish School
Road 13, Maadi

64 El Zahraa St. Dokki

Vienna Kindergarten (Nursery School)
16 Tunis Street., New Maadi


Stepping Stones Nursery School
32 Ahmed Heshmat Street, Zamalek

Mohandeseen / Dokki / Agouza

Cairo International Kindergarten (English)
7 Abdel Moneim Sanad St., Mohandeseen

Jennifer's International Pre-school
3 El Mawagim Wi Mihagar St. (Lebanon Sq.)

Lilliput Nursery
3 Khartoum St., Sahafeyen, Mohandeseen
305-7591 / 341-3488

Stepping Stones Nursery School
19 Lebanon Street., Mohandeseen

The Irish Nursery School

Special Needs Schools

Until recently there have been no schooling faciliteis for special needs children. Except for AIS none of the International schools will accept children with any learning disabilities. Egyptian familes who had means were forced to move to other countries if they wanted to provide education and or rehabilitaiton for their disabled children. Still they are few.

Learning Resource Center
30 Road 252. Digla
E:mail: info@lregypt.com

The Egyptian Society for Seveloping Skills of Special Needs Children "ADVANCE"
34 al-Nadi al-Gadeed, New Maadi, Cairo
Fax: 520-3110

Ages 2- 20
This school aims to provide children and adults with special needs a wide range of remedial education, vocational, and rehabilitation services necessary for them to proceed towards independence and better intergration in the community. The following services are currently available: Diagonstic and therap

The Egyptian Austistic Society
22 Road 253, Digla, Maadi
Tel: (202) 754-2704
Mob: 012-217-7766
Fax: (202) 519-7055

Ages 2 - 11

The society's goal is to provide early intervention services that address Autistic children's learning and development needs.The emphasis is on early intervention to teach the child how to better cope with his/ her handicap from an early age. The intervention takes place through the use of approaches designed for individuals with Autism and communication disorders in the form of special provision such as special social skills and behavior modification techniques. We aim to provide a process of change that allows each child ro ve intergrated in the community to the extent most beneficial for them. The School is a non-profit organization

Services offered: Headstart program; Assessment and programe making; One to One and group sessions; Intergration in mainstream schools; Short Courses and Training; the Saturday Social Club (social behavior) kshop; Summer Camp; The Wednesday Workshop (motor skills); Summer camp; Meeting/Conferences (new concepts and research updates); Newsletter; Resource Room; Awaremenss Campaigns; Home Support Program;


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